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Communities in Schools

Communities in Schools (CIS)

What is CIS?


Communities in Schools (CIS) of Tennessee is part of the national CIS network, known as the leading and most effective dropout prevention organization in America. Our mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. 

What CIS Does:

CIS of Tennessee embeds a caring adult, Miss Sherry Hoyle, known as the “site coordinator,” inside BCHS to work with the school staff to identify the needs of the school community and its students. Following a rigorous, data-driven model, Mrs. Hoyle establishes a strategic plan and coordinates with community partners – such as businesses, health care providers and other nonprofits – to provide daily school-based interventions to students in grades K-12 addressing chronic absenteeism, academic failure, behavioral issues, social service needs and more.

What Makes CIS Unique: 

Unlike other youth serving programs that only operate before or after school, Mrs. Hoyle is inside BCHS throughout the entire school day. This allows her to work with students on a daily basis building trusting relationships students can count on and strategically delivering the resources they need to come to school everyday. 

Who CIS Serves:

CIS provides 3 tiers of service. Tier 1 services are school wide and available to all students. Tier 2 and3 services are similar to case management and provide targeted and sustained interventions for specific students over an extended period of time. 

Contact Mrs. Sherry Hoyle: 

Phone: 731-437-3665

For More Information visit