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BCHS Photo of the Week: 

Photo of the Week 10-19

Mr. Gordon and his Algebra 3 Dual Enrollment students learn from their Jackson State Professor via Zoom with the new Zoom Cart provided by Jackson State. We are proud of all our dual students!

Message to Students, Parents and Staff of the Hardeman County Schools

COVID-19 Update, October 20, 2020

I wanted to update us all on the coronavirus and our Hardeman County School community.  As much as we all wish the coronavirus would leave, unfortunately it appears that once again the positive cases in Hardeman County are on the rise. 

As tired as we all are of wearing masks, washing hands, and keeping at least 6 feet apart, we cannot stop, especially now. With flu season around the corner and cooler weather moving our activities indoors, it is very important to keep up our prevention practices. Whether we are administrators, teachers, school nurses, parents, or students, we must lead by example.  My actions matter, and so do yours!!

When others see us wearing a mask, they are more likely to wear one too.  All of us working together to keep everyone safe and healthy will result in better outcomes for our students and the entire Hardeman County community. 

Finally, if you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet, please make arrangements to do so.

Stay Safe!

Lisa Raines, RN, BSN
Health Services


Meal Distribution Plan: 

Meal Distribution Plan

Please refer to the plan above for more information regarding the meal distribution pick-up locations and times for BCHS students.

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Please make sure that you follow the dress code each day!

Click here to open a PDF of the school handbook and read pages 10-12 for dress code details.