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Typing Games and Lessons

This is a list of resources that students can use to further enhance and perfect their typing skills. Frequent practice in their typing will help them not only with their virutal learning experience, but also with further education and roles in the workplace. 

  • This is a great website for students to use to practice typing. There are instructional videos as well as practice and games that students can participate in to help them practice their typing skills. Most of the website is available for free, but users can purchase a premium account in order to access more practice and games. 
  • This is a helpful website that will allow students to learn and practice typing skills. There are short videos as well as practice and games. The entire website is available for free to users. 
  • This website is 100% free to all users and provides lessons as well as games for students to practice and enhance their typing skills. 
  • This website is free for users with plenty of typing practice exercises. It isn’t as interactive as some of the other resources, but is still a helpful tool to practice typing. 
  • This website is full of games that students can use to practice their typing skills.